July 18, 2010

Goodbye to This Blog- Hello New Blog!

This is it! Katie Osgood Photography is moving out and movin' up! Today I launched my new blog and will no longer be posting content to this one. Also exciting news, a wedding of mine will be posted to Brooklyn Bride tomorrow! I'm so excited can't wait to see what the amazing VanĂ© does with my pics! Be sure to check it out! Catch you on the flipside! Thanks for visiting!


July 7, 2010

Any Album! Any size! Any Look!

I recently added some amazing variety to my album options. Now you can get paisley, plaid, plain, or even sparkly! Whatever your heart desires you can have it! Custom designed albums can be your little keepsake for as cheap as $150 bucks! No, I'm not joking-- I'm talkin' about a cute little 5x7 snake print (vegan if you choose) or flower print... whatever floats your boat. Check these little beauties out below :)

July 6, 2010

Maria & Jens- Rooftop Wedding!

This past week I shot the wedding of Maria & Jens. They recently moved into a fabulous new apt in the north part of Williamsburg over looking McCarren Park. They decided to have their intimate wedding on the rooftop overlooking Brooklyn and Manhattan. Lucky me-- I got to shoot the whole thing! It was pretty windy 18 floors up, but it still made for an amazing ceremony & portrait session. It really was such a lovely afternoon. We couldn't have asked for better temperatures and low humidity! Both Maria and Jen's families were soooo awesome, everyone was so friendly and happy! Well, of course they were happy it's a wedding! The food was also a-mazing! The affair was catered by Crave Catering. Crave, like me, is based in Brooklyn. If you're on the hunt for food for your wedding, make sure to check them out!

July 5, 2010

Fourth of July Festivities - Brooklyn, NY

Yesterday I invited some friends to picnic at our local waterfront in Williamsburg, otherwise known as Hipster Beach. We had some BBQ, thanks to Brian and Nick, some refreshing beverages, watermelon, and even some PB&J-- complements of yours truly ;) Later on we migrated to a rooftop party to watch the fireworks and BBQ some more! I had such a great time. I'm pretty lucky to have such outgoing, fun, and not-to-mention photogenic people to spend the 4th of July with! Good times!

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July 2, 2010

Williamsburg Wednesday Wedding- Sneak Peek

Working' on editing pics from Maria & Jens wedding, big post to follow soon I promise! Here's one for now--- Such an elegant couple!

© Katie Osgood 2010
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June 28, 2010

Chris & Lissette- Hangin' Out at the High Line - Part II

This week has been awesome for any daylight loving photographers like myself. From 6/20 - 6/27 we had the longest days of the whole year! That being the case, Chris, Lissette, and I decided to start our shoot around 6pm. We shot for about 1.5 hours all around the High Line and around Manhattan's Meat Packing district. I brought Kelly along to help me hold gear and keep the people moving past. People are so polite! Foot traffic seems to come to a screeching halt when I'm shooting. Okay okay- not a screeching halt... but you get what I'm saying right? Chris and Lissette are making a website dedicated to the festivities and details surrounding their wedding, so these pics aught to come in handy ;) It was such a good time! I can't wait to shoot their wedding this coming October!

© Katie Osgood 2010
Katie Osgood Photography

June 27, 2010

Chris & Lissette - Hangin' Out at the High Line Part One

More to come from this set, so watch out for blog post #2. Lissette & Chris you guys are adorable! Thanks for having fun with me on Friday :)

© Katie Osgood 2010
Katie Osgood Photography

June 23, 2010

Williamsburg- Small Town Big City

Things are moving so fast! It feels like July is over and it hasn't even begun! In the coming weeks I've got some new fabulous couples to hang out with and shoot, and I even get to go shoot my darling friend Meghan-K get married on the beach in Carmel, Caifornia! That means I'll have plenty of work to post in the coming weeks.  For now-- images of Summer in the city! 

This past Saturday I had a few hours to enjoy the sun with a Kelly & Meghan. We met up at the Waterfront Park around 2pm and soaked up the sun until the sweat beads began to form rivers down our backs & brows. Then, for me, it was back home to continue work on several albums I've been designing for myself as well as for Photo Pink. (I'll be posting pics as soon as the new albums arrive. I even got new swatches to show off too--- Yay!) 

Anyhow, just a few Summer shots around our amazing neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Hopefully Meghan doesn't hate me for putting up this adorable pic I took of her.  She just looks so chic in those shades! 

© Katie Osgood Photography 2010
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June 8, 2010

Frequenty Asked Questions.... Answered!

Heck yes! I love to travel! For destination weddings outside of New York or California please don’t hesitate
to inquire about travel fees.

To book your date and guarantee that I will be photographing your wedding a contract and a deposit of 30% are required. I book weddings based on a first come first served basis upon receipt of deposit and contract. Thanks for understanding.

The most basic package starts as low as $1500 for five hours of coverage and a dvd of jpgs, complete packages start at $3500- worth every penny. Complete packages include a DVD of digital negatives, a credit towards prints, an album, as well as a get-to-know-you engagement photo session.

I have several photographers who I shoot with including Konrad Brattke. However, sometimes Konrad is booked in which case I have a couple other photographers I work with. I am always 100% confidant of my second shooters abilities to create images that are beautifully composed and complement my style.

It takes me about four to six weeks to edit and upload your images to your gallery. Why you ask... every image that I deliver to you is individually edited. I’m a control freak when it comes to my photographs. I want every image you get to be absolutely perfect. This takes time, but I promise, it’s well worth the wait.

You will receive about 500 images that tell the complete story of your day. You’ll just get the best of the best everything I shoot, I promise.

Absolutely! Katie Osgood Weddings is covered by Hartford and has liability coverage for up to $1,000,000. You're in good hands ;)

I use Canon digital equipment, my 5D is pretty much an extension of my hand and I kinda love it that way.

I consider myself a portrait journalist. This means, some parts of your wedding will be posed, while other parts will be captured as the action plays out.

I love to collaborate with my clients! I am always down to try something creative, crazy, or new! Shoot me your ideas and let’s make some pictures!

June 2, 2010

Just Journalism - Danielle & Martin Contreras: May 15, 2010

Sorry for the delay in adding text to this blog post, there was a lot of emotion surrounding this wedding for me, so it's taken me some time to step back and think about what exactly to say. One month ago I flew to California to attend/ shoot one my dearest friend's wedding. Danielle and I met freshman year in college at San Jose State, yes long before my Art Center days. She lived down the hall in the dorm and was nothing like me. We were a seemingly unlikely fit as friends but once we got to know each other we were inseparable. We used to say, we only ever made plans on the weekend with other people in case one of us was busy--- everyone else was a back-up plan. Danielle is from San Jose and I was about 5 hours away from home, so naturally Danielle's family became my surrogate. I went on family camping trips and dinner at their house three to four times a week. As the end of 2005 came around I began to realize I needed a different education than San Jose State could give me. So I packed my U-Haul and headed to Los Angeles to start college yet again. When I was in LA Danielle met Martin.  The intensity of our friendship had most certainly calmed so we talked much less and saw each maybe only once a year.  

When Danielle told me she and Martin were finally going to tie the knot I was soo excited. I knew I had make the trip out to California for the big day. Let me just say, I'm so glad I did. From the night before all through the wedding day emotions were running high, as they tend to on wedding days.... As for me, I'm used to being, for the most part, calm and collected, just happy to see people happy. Except for the occasional heart-felt speech, which always gets me! God I love weddings!  But this day I'm pretty sure I almost cried a dozen times. Danielle was so happy, so beautiful, and her family- sooo much love. I guess that's the thing about weddings... you realize how important family is. Weddings are the birth of a new family. 

As for the photos, I used one camera and my 50mm 1.4 lens. I love to shoot wide open as much as possible and I shot jpg for the latter half. I know, I know, a big no no. But I was creating a stop-action movie for nostalgic purposes. Danielle and I used to make the drive from Nor Cal to So Cal every now and then. On one particular occasion we made the entire trip about making our stop-action. We pulled over everywhere, we ran through orange groves, jumped through fields, and danced for no reason other than to shoot it. When it's done it will be in honor of our past and to her future. I love you Danielle and I wish you are Martin a happy happy life together! :)

© Katie Osgood 2010

May 28, 2010

Great Conversations & Good Parties

The Night of the Producers: Denis Leary & Jonathan Demme:


This past week was the Producers Guild's, Night of the Producers. Basically an intimate conversation and exchange of ideas between a mediator and two other producers followed by a rooftop reception in New York City. In this case the special guests were Denis Leary and Jonathan Demme. Leary is best known for his stand-up comedy and his role as producer and actor on the FX television show Rescue Me. Demme has been a producer on many feature films including The Silence of the Lambs, Philadelphia, Beloved, Neil Young: Heart of Gold, and Rachel Getting Married.  The conversation was mediated by Kit Golden (Angela's Ashes & Chocolat).  As for the party that followed, there was a view to die for, take a look at the above, just click to enlarge. 

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