March 9, 2010

Coming Home on a Monday Afternoon

I snapped these images this afternoon after an unsuccessful walk around town to all of my neighborhood bikes shops, to still arrive empty handed. One of these days, I will bring home a new baby bike. Soon.

The highlight of the day, literally, was the lucky moment I walked through my front door only to find sunlight flowing through the windows. The light was so orange and bright, I looked to see if the incandescent lights were on. They weren't. . The sunlight filled the whole apartment for about 5-10min. I took some shots with the 5D but I couldn't resist the look that my iPhone can capture. The camera itself is lousy but with any decent application you can make something out of, what might be, seemingly nothing.

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Welcome to my blog! Here you will find a potpourri of images from my personal and professional life. It should be said, I rarely turn down an opportunity to shoot whether it be a wedding or just a good idea for a portrait for a friend or colleague. On planned photo adventures I most likely have my 5D at my side rockin' my 50mm lens (my fav!), but at the very least I've always got my trusty iPhone with it's arsenal of apps (who says you need 21 mega-pixels to make great images?!). So please, scroll and click around. I hope you enjoy looking at my images as much I as I enjoy making them! If you'd like to contact me about a wedding or event, or if you'd just like to say hi, please don't hesitate to drop me a line at Thanks!

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