February 11, 2010

The Shining Twins

Last week I was sent to go shoot The Shining Twins These ladies, Alex and Marisa, seem to be making some waves in NY's indi music scene. The girls are best friends and lovingly refer to themselves as twins, for good reason... They share a one bedroom apartment, a cell phone, a computer, and even wear matching outfits, and not just for performances. So it makes sense that they would go with "twins", instead of something like BFF.

Before I got to the twins apartment, I scouted a few back-up locations around their place on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, but the second I walked into their building I knew I waned to shoot there. The walls were freshly painted and there was a backdoor leading to a small backyard which let in just enough light to make the space glow. I was stoked! It would have been enough that the space was great but when I got upstairs to meet the girls, I was greeted with two exceptionally friendly and eccentric young ladies. The interview took place between shots and and set-ups so there was plenty to going on. If you want to know more about the girls check out the article by Dana Makeover on heebmagazine.com.

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